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Yoga at Home


T H E  O R I G I N S  O F  S A C R E D  S P A C E
"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again"

-Joseph Campbell- 

After the breakdown of a 26 year relationship in 2015, holistic therapist and Sacred Space founder, Michelle de Rozarieux, from, discovered the importance of a sacred space.  

"We all need a place where we can feel safe and give comfort to oneself.  For me the importance of this arose when my partner and I split up after 26 years together.  I went on a self healing and discovery journey.  I had been a partnership for so many years that I had forgotten who I was and how to be.  I needed to remember the person that I was and the things that I enjoyed, my essence.  I started this process by creating a sacred space within my home; a shelf with a candle, a crystal and an item that was special to me, somewhere I could enjoy meditation and a ritualistic peace within.  This space became an important part of my rediscovery journey."  


Michelle successfully grew her therapy practice while healing from her break up; using her sacred space to meditate and grow awareness of herself and her needs.  An urge to pass this healing and self care ability to others began to grow. 

"As a holistic therapist, helping others is an integral and implicit part of me and I wanted to pass on this feeling that had cultivated from holding a sacred space both physically and spiritually.  I felt that my journey may be able to help many others who have found themselves in emotionally painful situations.  It can be so difficult to take yourself away from your thoughts of past and future and focus on the present.  Having this sacred space in my home, nurtured a sacred space within me where I could journey within and gain clarity.  I was able to focus on what was important to me and gain some momentum with progressing my life in a positive way." 

The instinct to share this with others cultivated thoughts of how this could be achieved and Sacred Space was born.  Michelle researched and developed products and practises that she felt could give comfort and help people with their self healing or self discovery and care journey.  Every product has been lovingly born and is hand made into existence with a reiki energy intention.

"These products and practises are part of my family.  I have given so much thought and love to developing each and every one.  My wish is for this to be felt the recipient.  I would love every customer to feel a pure connection with their purchase or practice.   To know that they are receiving divine energy with every use and deeply feel that sacred space within them"

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